Legitimate Online Businesses – They Do Exist – Here Are 5 Ideas

There are a very large number of legitimate internet businesses you can create that have nothing whatsoever to do with being a marketer. Working from home does not mean you have to be an affiliate marketer or sell products; offering services is much more profitable and much more in demand.There has been a great boom in the online service industry in the past few years so if you are looking for a legitimate way to start a business, with little or no investment, providing business services is a great way to go. You can use your existing skills, or easily learn new skills that are in demand and get paid by companies looking to outsource those services. You are not limited to strictly data entry. Below is a few ideas of in-demand businesses you might consider.Audio Voice-Overs. Many companies are looking for people with a good speaking voice to record audios for their video and PowerPoint presentations. If you think you could create commercial-like voice-overs. This business may be one you would be interested in. Most computers come with standard voice recording capabilities. All you need is a USB microphone that runs around $30-$40 and some free software such as Audacity and you are in business. Set up a website and begin promoting your business or offer your services on a freelance service such as o-Desk or any of the other freelance sites available.
Translation Service. Because the internet is a global market, many businesses are looking to reach a wider audience with their websites. If you are fluent in more than one language, you can turn that into a business. Offer your translation services for websites, information products and promotional materials to help companies expand their market reach. You do not need any investment, other than a website and some basic promotion to start this type of business.
Video Creation Service. We all know how popular video has become as a marketing strategy, yet many people are not comfortable creating videos or they believe it is more complicated than it really is. With the use of PowerPoint, screen capture software and basic video editing software, you can provide this service. Most of the necessary software is available for free or for a very small investment. If you do not already know how to create videos, there are many free tutorials available for you to learn the skills. This is a very low cost business to start up that is currently in big demand.
Content Creation Services. Whether it be for blog content, newsletters or article marketing, there is a big demand for high quality writing. If you have good research skills, above average writing skills and are able to write on any given topic, then this business will be right up your alley. Many businesses know the importance of maintaining a company blog but they lack either the desire or the time/staff to do it themselves. A blog assistant or ghostwriter will create the content for them, post to their blog or to article directories and they will not have to worry about the task not getting done. The only investment you will need is a website and basic promotion to get this business started.
Virtual Assistants. If you have good knowledge of basic Office software and the internet, you can be a virtual assistant. A VA’s tasks may inlcude research, customer service, data entry, bookkeeping, creating PDFs, maintaining blogs and any number of other tasks. As a VA, you can offer all of these services or specialize in only a few. Businesses are always looking for knowledgeable people to add to their teams or to train to do the tasks they require. All you need is a website and a bit of promotion. You can offer the services through a freelance site but you should also have your own website to give more information to prospective clients.These are just 5 ideas for starting a legitimate online business and there are many, many more options available to you. Almost any skill or service can be learned online and used to create a marketable, and profitable, business with very little start up investment.

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Dubai Real Estate Market Predictions For 2008

George Bernard Shaw once said “No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious”. The Real Estate Property Market in Dubai can be taken in the same situation. There are a lot of people who are still confused about buying property in Dubai. All seem to be anxious about the future of real estate market in Dubai as it is a tested fact that just as a market shoots up, it also shoots down. This makes people vary of investing their hard earned money in a new property venture.The continuous change in the Dubai market has played a vital role in changing the interests of investors. Experts have different predictions for the real estate market, however no one can actually tell what will happen. As of now, the property market of Dubai is going through a period of great prosperity and boom and if the predictions are rights, the year 2008 will also prove fruitful for property investors.Dubai Real Estate Market Most of the tourists who come to see Dubai look at the heavy construction and tower cranes; their minds go inconsistent with its reason, logic and bewilders their common sense. While some loved the mild weather and the safety of the place and want to buy a property, other look at the development going on here and wanted to earn a profit.Most of the people explore their future with combined experience and dream for potential opportunities for buying property in Dubai to live a secure life on their investments.The hard line professionals are continuously finding the opportunity for an idyllic place to establish their careers. Buyers are indulging in the real estate property market in Dubai as it is difficult to find a perfect, or at least an equally profitable property elsewhere.In a sentence, the real estate property market of Dubai is attracting buyers and developers as it is developing. The mounting property prices and rents in the year 2007 going on to 2008 has confirmed that there is still a scarcity of accommodation in different categories of real estate market dimensions and that there is still room for more construction and investment here.Enormous Economical Growth In 2007, United Arab Emirates was one of the fastest growing economies on the globe. Consequently, this huge economy involves a massive influx of people and everyone needs a place to live. It dramatically raised the property prices in the real estate market between 5- 10% following 2008.According to an estimate, there is a shortage of hotels and residential complexes to accommodate the large number of people coming here every year for tourism and settling down. As a result, it is predicted that property prices will reach unmatched heights in the second half of 2008 when the real estate market of Dubai faces its largest deficit ever in providing accommodation to all. Therefore, the scope of property now being developed in Dubai is truly opportune.Have you ever dreamt of being served a meal in the Giorgio Armani’s Hotel, Burj-al- Dubai? The world’s largest and the most beauteous place. Your fantasy can become a reality if you consider buying property in Dubai. If Dubai real estate predictions for 2008 are to be believed, people will continue to come here, the economy will continue to grow and investors would be having a field day with their handsome profits.

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How To Get The Best Life Insurance Deal If You’re Self Employed

There are many benefits to being self-employed. You get to be in charge. You’re the boss and making all the decisions. Plus you can work at your own pace. The work day belongs to you and that can be fun and inspiring. As fantastic as this is, being self-employed also comes with greater responsibilities.No one wants to think about a worst case scenario, but as a business owner, you need to consider what will happen to your family and dependents in the unfortunate event of your death. There are a variety of benefits packages offered worldwide, and a little bit of research on your part will show what coverage is required by law. One of the benefits, referred to as death-in-service, is life insurance. Many business owners feel that life insurance is optional. Since it isn’t required to be included in a benefits package by law, there’s a tendency to overlook it. However, as a self-employed person, life insurance is a necessary coverage on a personal level.As a sole proprietorship or small business owner, you alone bear the risks of being self-employed. You single-handedly are responsible for all profits, losses, financial obligations, and business assets. You have an unlimited liability which means that your business debts can be covered by your personal assets. In the event of your death, you will be leaving your family with all the debts of your business. This means that your personal assets will be collected to assuage your professional debts. Your spouse will be liable for this. In addition to grieving, they will be struggling to cope with your outstanding expenses, and you don’t want to leave them with this additional stress.Purchasing life insurance will help you avoid leaving your loved ones in a financial lurch in the event of your death. If you have life insurance, then you can be certain that your family will not be financially over-burdened. They will be able to satisfy your outstanding debts without assuming them and risking their own financial security. Plus, you will have the peace of mind that your family will be protected financially. To find the best life insurance policy for your needs, there are some things you should keep in mind.a. How much insurance is required and when?Generally speaking, the younger you are the more affordable and inexpensive an insurance policy is going to be. In other words, there’s no “optimal” age to begin life insurance. There is no government standard regarding how much life insurance you need either. When you talk to an agent, several things will determine how much coverage you need. Important factors are your business structure, your professional and personal goals and future plans, level of income, lifestyle and your attitude towards risk. It’s a good idea to have a general idea of the parameters of these items before you speak with an insurance agent.b. What should your life insurance cover?A general rule of thumb is that your policy should cover business expenses, funeral expenses, other debt obligations, any mortgage payments, credit cards, an amount of income that will help your family sustain their way of life, and the future education of any children.c. Which policy quote suits you best?A reputable insurance consultant or agent is the best way to explore different life insurance policies. Contact one for a detailed overview of the options and implications of various policies that you may be eligible for. The following factors will be important when obtaining quotes for different policies:1. Your level of income: Can you continually pay out premiums? How much can you afford to pay?2. Tax deductibility: Is the insurance policy tax deductible? What about death benefit?3. Types of benefits: What is being covered under this particular insurance and how?4. Duration and convertibility: If you’re opting for term life insurance because your long-term business planning is ten years or longer, can you eventually convert the policy into whole life insurance? Do you really need permanent insurance?5. Method of payment: Is your family going to get a lump sum or regular periodic payments?The right life insurance policy that best suits your business will mean peace of mind for you and your family. As you’re enjoying all the benefits of being self-employed and owning your own business, a good life insurance policy will ensure that regardless of all the ups and downs of business life, you’ll have the benefits to see you through safely and securely. You can be certain that your financial future will be secure, and your family will be thankful for the extra financial security too.

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