Attractions on the Costa Del Sol

Costa del Sol is a must visit place in Spain. It is a popular destination for tourists and holiday makers. The city has so many major attractions, so we’ve taken a look at some of the best of what the area has to offer.The Aqualand, built on 70,000 square metres of land, is the most famous and largest theme park in the region. It contains a variety of water rides which include the Kamikazi, Niagara, Black hole and Twister. You can see water everywhere and hence a beautiful blue tinge always exists in the water theme park. There are areas called: Jacuzzi, Infant’s Park, Tropical Lagoon and Fast River. Throughout the whole park there are self-service restaurants, Pizzerias and hamburgerias. There is a mini golf course and gift shops to take back home memories. With such modest prices 21 euros for adults and 15 euros for children (at the time of writing), the whole theme park is one hell of a ride.For nature and safari lovers there is the Selwo Adventure Park. The park covers over 100 hectares of land and houses all the natural free roaming animals in their natural habitats, which has been specially recreated for the park. There are safari rides for a comfortable view of free roaming animals. You can see all kinds of birds of prey and most type of animals. There are a lot of shows with lots of prizes to be won. Camping is also available in the parks grounds. There is a modest entrance price for the Selwo Adventure Park where you will enjoy these activities. This area is particularly ‘a must see’ for all nature lovers.Crocodiles may not be a favourite for most people, but for those interested, the Crocodile Park in the Costa del Sol is a famous destination. One of the main reasons for this is that the Crocodile Park is home to prehistoric creatures that have survived 200 million years of evolution, which is a wonder in itself. Walking quietly through this area you will observe these creatures of prey, which have been evolving for a millions of years. The Crocodile Park houses 300 different species of crocodiles with one called the Big Daddy, which weighs 600 kilograms, 4.6 metres long and this is the largest crocodile in Europe. Again, crocodiles might not be on the list of one’s favourites but the Crocodile Park is a place that deserves a visit.Another beautiful place would be the Tivoli World Show & Amusement Park. Similar to the Aqualand, this is a theme park and is a world full of magic that can be enjoyed by one and all. The theme park consists of 40 huge rides and plenty of performances ranging from bird shows, magic shows, and dance displays. It also has a lot of restaurants, and food that will suit everyone. The park also has world-class performers, who perform music in front of huge live audiences. Enjoying the rides and shows during the day and having a nice quiet walk at night would be a great experience, especially at night when the park is beautifully lit up. All of this again for the very modest price of 6 Euros. At such a cheap cost with all that enjoyment, the decision becomes very easy.Another attraction for all animal and nature lovers is Fuengirola Zoo. One of the best things about this zoo is that animals are not kept in cages, but are kept in enclosures or inside high raised walls and so have the freedom and space to roam. The regulars such as tigers, chimpanzees, gorillas can be seen and even crocodile infested lakes. The zoo itself is quite small with 45 enclosures. There are two restaurants, one located at one of the entrances and the other near the orangutan enclosure. These are constructed in a way to blend in with the tropical ambiance. The restaurants offer a wide variety of popular snacks including pizzas, hamburgers, ice creams, buffet and fast foods. Beside the restaurant there is a 500 square meter children’s play area.We’ve only highlighted some of the many attractions on the Costa del Sol, this area should be on anyone’s list of must-visit holiday destinations.

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